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  • High-Speed Internet, Phone and Television Solutions – Customize the package that best fits your needs
  • 20Mbps up to 1Gbps – Choose from a variety of reliable internet packages
  • VoIP Phone Service – Experience advanced home phone features only made possible by the internet
  • Flexible Television – Choose from our traditional cable TV packages or stream your favorite TV with our robust internet packages

Why Us?

NexGen Connected Communities has been delivering reliable, affordable and innovative communication solutions engineered specifically for multi-tenant residential communities since 2000. We understand the unique challenges of the MDU market and we know that providing superior connectivity is more important to prospective tenants than ever.

We use the latest in fiber optic internet technology, reaching speeds up to 1Gbps, to ensure your property is always at the leading edge of innovation. Along with our reliable internet, crystal-clear VoIP phone service and television solutions, you and your tenants will enjoy an outstanding customer service experience. 

Some Of Our Frequently Asked Questions.

Do you offer multiple internet speeds?

Yes! You will be sure to find the perfect internet speed for your needs at a price you’ll love.

Do you have data caps?

No! All of our internet packages have unlimited data usage.

Are your speeds symmetrical?

Yes! All of our internet packages have symmetrical upload and download speeds.

Will I have to sign a contract?

No! Tenants are not required to sign a contract with NexGen or pay early termination fees. You simply call NexGen to cancel your account at any time.

Do you have 24/7 technical support?

Yes! Our US-based support team is always ready and willing to help 24/7.

What hours are Customer Service open?

Customer Service can be reached during business hours. Monday-Friday 8:00am-5:00pm (CST).

Will I have to wait on hold when I call NexGen?

No! Unlike most telecommunications providers, we have minimal hold times. Get ready for the best customer service experience you can ask for!

24/7 Technical Support. No exceptions.

Questions? We're here to help.

If you have a question not addressed in our FAQs please feel free to give us a call at (800) 662-7600 or click here to contact us.

Need support? We're available!

We define success not only by delivering reliable services but by providing the best customer service and continued support possible.

What our customers are saying...

Been using NexGen for 7 months now; Location: Waukee. Works fantastic. Had a few glitches in the beginning of not getting my full 200 mbps but been running great since. I work from home so constantly online and no issues. Would recommend!

Angela Mueller

On behalf of The Plaza Board and all of The Plaza residents, I would like to recognize and thank you and the entire NexGen team for the outstanding support provided during our recent TV, phone and Internet conversion. From the initial negotiations through the final installation, NexGen’s customer-focused attention to detail has been noted and appreciated.


I rarely leave reviews unless I’m seriously impressed. Tech CJ needs to be commended! After a storm (on a Sat. night) knocked out reception to my TVs/receiver , CJ called me from out of town & walked me through the steps to get things working again.

Mary Thompson

I had NexGen for almost two years. Internet was fast, reasonably priced, and the one time I had a customer service issue (debit card was compromised, which affected autopay) NexGen resolved it quickly and even refunded the returned payment fee on my account. Highly recommend.

Bobby Steinhoff

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